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to death. >> reporter: bob myers says he missed the way his older brother dean, the ninth of the d.c. victims used to laugh and recounts an early memory of a brother that he describes as unselfish and generous. >> i was the youngest and he patiently helped me learn how to ride a two-wheel bike. you would run around the yard keeping me up right and giving me the confidence that i could keep pedalling because he was holding it. >> reporter: many years later, in early october, 2002, bob says he and his brother discussed the unfolding d.c. sniper tragedy on the phone. >> he said that there is millions of people down here so it's unlikely that, i know, they will get me. >> tragically dean meyers was wrong. the d.c. sniper killed him october 9, 2002 as dean was filling up at a gas station. bob myers was awakened at 5:00 a.m. by his nephew bearing the news. >> when i heard the knock on the door, i was fearful tat it haded to with dean. >> reporter: john allen muhammad was later convicted in the slaying of dean meyers. he will be there for the execution. >> at this point, it's time to pay th
>>> good morning. welcome to 9 news now and "week in review." >>> washington, d.c. and the world of professional sports has been in mourning in week. the entrepreneur whose verizon center reunited d.c. passed a way at age 85. his franchises only boasted of one championship but his legacy will be measured by far more than banners or trophies. >> reporter: 1978 poland's washington bullets are world clamps. by then the life has seen more than most. born in 1923 this son of an immigrant business man made millions as a d.c. real estate developer. in 1964 he made history bying the then struggling baltimore bullet% $1.4 million. a huge sum at the time. he lost a continue and daughter of a conventional heart defect. his drive to succeed was tenacious. in 1963 he built the capital center in largo, a first-of-its kinds arena with television screens. the capitals took up residence. meantime he is generosity was making him well-known. he simply couldn't resist a child in trouble. hi gave away millions to the local i have dream foundation. >> anything he could do to help anybody he would do.
... adelantamos esta tarde, d.c. united se quedo sin entrenador despues de quedar fuera del playoffs. d.c. united anuncio hoy que el tecnico tom soehn ha quitado su nombre para consideracion para el puesto de director tecnico de united previo a la culminacion de su contrato a final de aÑo. mediante un comunicado de prensa, d.c. united informo que fue el propio soehn es quien da un paso al costado despues de nsultar con su familia. el proceso para encontrar el proximo entrenador para d.c. united comenzo de inmediato. a nivel local, la chapin se proclamo campeon de la liga internacional de maryland al o>a honduras de maryland, tenemos imagenes y reacciones de la gran final. siguen las reacciones sobre el estado de salud del ex futbolista argentino fernando caceres. para terminar, hace instantes los cavaliers derrotaron 102-90 a los wizards de washington.. buenas noches. hoy en día, cargar con una hipotecaa a la persona más fuerte. a especialmente si estafrentando una opción es conseguir el consejo es absolutamente gratis. aprenda más sobre otras alternativas aaaaa aparael emb
de la avendia pennsylvania, nw, suite 105, washington d.c. 2004.... los cheques deben ser jirados a m. fuentes y seran entregados a los familiares del menor por el consejal del distrito electoral numero uno, jin graham.. la policia de montgomery dio a conocer la identidad del jardinero que perdiera la vida el pasado sabado en un accidente con una moto sierra al cortar la rama de un arbol ... hector say cupil de 35 aÑos de edad oginario de guatemala ... las autoridades n continuan investigando la causa principal de esta lamentable tragedia (on cam) el cadaver de hector say cupil fue trasladado a la oficina del forense de baltimore '
to the east of d.c. some moderate downpours. an easy inch has been collected in many areas. i want to show you what is a huge piece of this story. we have an area of pressure intensing over wilmington. it's what's left of ida. check out the winds. they are out of the east, northeast at 51 just off virginia beach gusting to 57 miles an hour. we get off bethany beach. we have winds gusting to 43 and wave heights of 15 feet. we get down into the lower bay, winds gusting to 39 miles an hour. so this is going to go o. look at that one, 52. these winds will stay strong for another 36, maybe 48 hours and that's going to produce some damage. so what's going on? why can't we get these remnants of ida out of here? it's being blocked with this huge area of high pressure up to the north. there's very little area for ida to move in. so it's going to be a slow move crawling up the coast with gusty winds at the beaches. big erosion, rough surf of 5 to 17 feet. in d.c. it's going to be mighty breezy, mighty wet and it's going to be a little while before we pull out of all of this. some areas will get 3 to 5 i
are remembering the wizard's owner abe pollin who brought a lot more to d.c. than just basketball. it is decision time for president obama. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00, "on your side." >>> he owned a couple of washington's biggest sports teams and revitalized downtown washington. tonight, we are remembering abe pollin who died today at the age of 85. >> jay korff has more on his life and legacy. >> abe pollin deed was an icon, a sports giant here in the district of columbia, and was also very proud of the fact that the car rena he built changed this city forever. outside of the verizon center, fans are stunned and saddened by the loss of team owner abe pollin who died today at the age of 85. >> we have been coming to the games and he has been a big part of it and the team's success. it is a tremendous loss to find out that he has passed away. >> abe pollin brought professional basketball and hockey to the region. he sold the capitals but kept in the nba's wizards. he was admired and respected for helping to revitalize part of dow
for answers lead to the d.c. area where the suspect lived until four months ago. federal agents left the home on cedar lane in bet es da, maryland. the 39-year-old rented a room during medical training in the d.c. area. the agents said they were there to interview a man who lived in the house. he declined to speak to news 4. it's not far from the army medical center. neighbors did not recognize him from his picture. you didn't know the neighbors were renting rooms? >> no. i have no idea who this gentleman is, either. >> reporter: he worked for six years at the walter reed army medical center. by that time, he was living in this apartment building in maryland. >> this other guy would do this. i would never have believed that. he seemed so calm and, you know, he was never upset with anything. >> reporter: he was unhappy he received a poor performance evaluation during his sigh kolg training. he was fighting his pending deployment overseas. he was not married and had no children. doreen, back to you. >> jackie bensen, at walter reed. thank you. >>> michael flynn continues our coverage in the fls
bravo reality series "the real house wives of d.c." >> thank now that. there is more to this story. michaele salahi claims she's a former redskins cheerleader. new on the news edge at 11:00, we did some digging to find out if that's really true. >>> our other big story tonight super st tiger wood recovering after a serious crash outside his central florida home. his own wife helped to get him out of his suv by smashing out a window with a golf club. fox 5's lindsay murphy is here now with the latest details on what happened. >> reporter: there were some pretty intense moments in the early morning hours as tiger crashed his suv into a hydrant and a tree while pulling out of his driveway at 2:25 a.m. his we heard the crash. she smashed in the car window with a golf club to help pull him out. he was in and out of consciousness when pice arrived to treat him. he was tone to the hospital where he -- taken to the hospital where he was treat and released. police say alcohol was not involved but the accident remains under investigation. no word where he was going at that hour. here's more
collecting extra rent. that is not acceptable 346 d.c. member grant ford said they found 100 and some fire locations at the building. he painted a frightening picture of the conditions residents encountered. >> we will get rid of people in gangs who live in the building and this is the truth. there are people who are now living in the building, who are gang members. >> reporter: officials worked extensively with the la ttino community, but gang and violence problems persist. detectives had been working without stopping, without sleeping but still no arrests yet. jim, back to you. >> thank you, jackie. >>> an apparent suicide disrupted metro service tonight. the man was hit and killed at the mcpherson square station in the northwest. it's on the blue and orange lines. that station was shut down tell tore rarely. everything is expected to be back to norl at in the morning. >> new guidelines out from the fedel government recommend women skip mammograms until they reach age 50. that's a big change to the current guidelines, which tell women to start being screened once a year after they turn 4
the school system firings caust the d.c. mayor his job? he gave what some would call a surprising answer. new at 11:00, jennifer donelan is outside d.c. school he quarters. she has answers on who may be to blame. >> at the bloomberg wasngton summit, d.c. schools chancellor said that for the mayor, the end game is fixing d.c. schools no matter what happens at election time. we spoke with one of the teachers who was recently fired, and she said because of the way itas handled, it could end up hurting the mayor at the polls. >> how responsible would you feel if the mayor were not re-elected? >> very responsible. you know, when he hired me into this job, he told me that this was his number one priority. >> a candid response from the d.c. schools chancellor, whose recent decision to fire more than 200 teachers several weeks into the school year led to protests. >> there were movements forward that we felt were necessary and were not always things that would guarantee harmony among adults. >> the execution was very faulty, and that is what has upset the parents. >> this former first grade teacher s
. here in washington, d.c., still cloudy and gray and rather cool out there with high temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. let's open it up. i'll show you the satellite radar and that's all of the ida's remnants mixing with the cold front off to the north and west. and so that combination will give us gray showers with on again off again showers which will linger into the night. temperature right now is 55 at 4:00 this morning. right now we're 50. humidity is 80%. the winds at 15 miles per hour. it will be breezy this afternoon even though the pressure is out there. .27 inches. that's your forecast, cloudy and cool for our veterans day, periods of rain and a high temperature of 55. probably 52-53 around here later today so bring along as a jacket and umbrella. i'll have more details on the forecast coming up. back to you. >>> 7 years ago the d.c. area lived in fear of the sniper shooting. this morning the mastermind behind those attacks is dead. >> john mohammed was executed last night by lethal injection with no complication and no words. will thomas joins us li from where the exe
>>> some closure for the families of the men and women gunned down in the d.c. sniper attacks. >> the execution of john allen muhammad has been carried out under the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. >> we have complete coverage on the final chapter in the d.c. sniper case. >>> there is big news for tens of thousands you who use one of the busiest commuter routes in the area. fox 5 morning news begins now. >>> it is a rainy view from tower cam this morning at #:00. it is wednesday, morning, november 11th. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm he gurvir dhindsa. the temperature are not bad but the rain is coming down. i guess tony has been saying all morning long we won't get a whole lot warmer than what it is right now. >> our temperatures will stay pretty consistent right now. in d.c., we are in the low 50s. parts of the area in the 40s. we could see an increase by a couple of degrees but that it. let's take a look. we'll start with hd radar as we are seeling rainfall across most of the area. it is mainly light to moderate rain but it is rain and we are seeing that all across the re
a great morning. thanks for watch >>> just moments away, the final chapter in the long saga of the d.c. sniper. john muhammad is scheduled to die. >> we're going to take whatever steps are necessary to make sure something like this does not happen again. >> the president pays tribute. >> the gulf coast is not taking any chances. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good tuesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. we have another -- we had another gorgeous day in washington yesterday. >> a little gray out there this morning. what is the latest? " we're watching ida. -- >> we are watching ida. you can see the outer bands of rain and all the clouds pushing into our neck of the woods. we will be mostly cloudy. rain stays to the southeast today. mostly cloudy today. cooler. mid 60's. here is lisa baden. >> a good morning indeed. they're clearing overnight construction out of the way. taking interstate 95 between 95 and bal
fenty himself on this. >>> and former d.c. mayor marion barry apparently have cameras following him around. we have been able to confirm that he is shooting a pilot for a reality show. we don't know for home, but we'll tell you what we do know in a few minutes. >> i'm somehow not surprised. he's a fas fating person. >> he is. and a lot of the reality shows i think who would want to but he's -- there's a lot going on in his life so i could see that happening. >> we'll look forward t that. and we'll report on that. and we'll talk about later today. in the meantime tucker barnes is standing by with a look at our day. it's a mild one. >> it's cloudy out there. >>> we want to start with tropical storm ida. let's get right to it and we'll show you the pictures with our radar coverage and ida tips to work inland. maximum winds are 45 miles per hour and it's just a rain threat. it will continue to bring heavy rain to portions of the south, up to 8 inches expected across portions of alabama and georgia before all is said and done. a few of the showers pushing toward the washington area at th
. >>> the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> a typical hallway in a d.c. high school turned into the horrific scene of a throat slashing. a violent attack at the young america works charter school in northeast. it brought the school day to a standstill and police rushing to the campus. fox 5's maureen umeh is down in the newsroom working the story for us now. >> reporter: it wassen especially violent -- it was an especially violent day. a student is in the hospital while parents and neighbors real over the attack. the fight began here in a hallway inside the young america works charter school in northeast. bloodstains give some idea of the extent of the violence, a shock be site anywhere but especially inside a school. anthony's younger brother is a student. >> this is my first actually hearing about a serious matter going on in the school. >> reporter: two teenage boys got into a loud fight around 1:30. punches were thrown. then witnesses say the 11th grade boy pulled out a knife and slashed the other teen. the victim was stabbed in the neck and may also have
eastern path. you can see how northeast d.c. up towards new york avenue, down the words springfield. -- down towards springfield. here is the very latest watches and advisories'. a coastal flood warning through the evening for calvert, st. mary's, right along the potomac. ties to be anywhere from 2 feet to 4 feet above normal. more coming up. >>> the brunt of the nor'easters theory can be seen up and down the mid atlantic coast. the virginia department of emergency management updated governor tim kaine on the conditions around the commonwealth. courtney robinson continues our storm watch. >> up and down the east coast, it looks just like this. bethany beach, delaware, pounding rain, high winds and concerns of beach erosion and disappearing indians. >> mother nature will bring some of that back in. ocean city, md., the same story. the storm surge caused floods, the waters shopping -- stopping short of its businesses. >> the parking lot will be a lake. >> there is really not much else you can do. >> the real damage is in the mouth of the chesapeake. >> i looked at my side mirror in my
money. was it spent appropriately? d.c.'s mayor says yes. city council says no way. and now they are passing an emergency law taking away some of the administration's spending powers. we have the news edge on d.c.. >> reporter: this is the one project that's actually almost done. the walker jones education complex, price tag, $47 million. the newly built elementary school, rec center, health center, and library serves the drug and violent plagued neighborhood. >> we cemented our commitment to make sure that the action that have gone on stop now. >> reporter: that said, the d.c. approved emergency legislation 10 opinion 3 to ban any further transfer of funds to the d.c. housing authority for more projects. members say they are struggling to get adequate oversight. >> what is oversight? it's a way of saying, all right, you have been laundering all these dollars, and now we simply want notification. >> reporter: the legislation they approved orders the parks department to notify the council of any new construction over $75,000. that's a f cry from the amount that normally trigg
. >>> and also the beat your feet team are here. you probably have heard of them. they're a d.c. based dance group with a go-go style. they were just featured on m tv and they have videos on you tube. and they are very talented and we'll have them live. >> and steve is going join in on that. >> oh, that's great? is he really? >> clearly that is a joke. >> he didn't hear that. >> they were telling me that. >>> good morning, everybody. we have showers, fog, mist, and we'll talk about the weather. i've tuned into the west of the city and south and down towards cul pupper because we had some flashing on our screen. we have a thunderstorm bubble up. all of this activity has been lifting south to north and i think the heaviest of the shower activity will remain to the west but area wide we'll have mist and see the showers eventually fill in here during the course of our afternoon. let's open up the picture, take a look at our satellite radar across the eastern third of the country. here you can see it. the area of low pressure associated with the storminess is out west toward chicago. and we're wa
. police are looking into the murder of one of the owners of a popular d.c. restaurant. 38-year-old nora amaya who co- owned coppi's restaurant on u street was found strangled in her apartment monday night. investigators say it does not appear anyone broke into the apartment and they don't have a motive or suspects. >>> six days now before d.c. sniper john allen muhammad is set set to die by lethal injection. his attorneys want the nation's highest court to look into whether his trial lawyer was ineffective. he is set to be executed for the murder of a man at a manassas gas station in 2002. during a three-week killing spree, ten people were left dead across the d.c. region. >>>new, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton wants to change how local crimes are prosecuted in the district. shea has introduceed a bill in congress that would allow d.c. rest don't to elect their own u.s. attorney. norton says like other cities, the district needs its own chief law enforcement officer who would be directly accountable to local residents. >>> street voters shoot down a push to legalize gay marriage i
'll hear from the victim's family. >>> the chairman of the d.c. council is defending himself tonight against allegations he received special treatment from a company that does business with the city government. vincent gray talked to fox 5 about a report in "washington times." that report claims the william c. smith construction company did repair work here in gray's home but gray did not pay for that work until after the newspaper questioned him about it. he says he's friends with the owner of the company and hasn't done anything wrong. > i've been spent my entire life being a public servant and have put high integrity at the top of my list in terms of how i operate. it is upsetting to have to address an issue like this. t. the work on gray's house was he says he didn't receive a bill until october 30. he believes the bill came late because he had renovation plans drawn up as well. gray says he paid the bill within a week of receiving it. >>> opponents of same-sex marriage are taking their fight to d.c. sprowrt. they filed -- superior court. they filed a lawsuit not to put the issue
shootings across the d.c. area changed the way people were living around here. people refused to stop moving in parking lots. they continuously looked over their shoulder filling up at a gas station or stay inside. in less than three hours, the man tught to be the master mind of those shootings is set to die by lethal injection. >>> i'm doreençó gentzler. john allen muhammad will be executed in southern virginia tonight. at 5:00 thechk, muhammad wasÑi given his last meal. he gotÑi a choice of anything o the prison menu.ñr he selected one or more ñritems but hexd didn't want his choice released to the public. at 7:00, he'll be permitted to take a shower, if he wishes. thexecution isÑi scheduledxd fo 9:00 tonight. christ gordon is livexd at greensville correctionalÑixd ce with more. >> reporter: snipers john allen muhammad and his young companion low boyd malvo are said to be responsible for 13 killings across the country, including ten in our area. the sniper task force investigated the cases so they could be brought to trial. this evening, just a short time ago, ipoke
pollin helped to absolutely redo this area of washington, d.c. and helped to create one of the most profitable and vibrant regions of our city. now, because of his work, he was able to actually do stuff that worked not only for him, but also benefited lots of people as well. it began with pollin's work as a developer, building for all income levels, from the rich to project developments in southeast d.c. he brought hockey and the nba to the washington region and built the capital center in prince george's county. in 1995 he called then marion barry to move both teechls into the heart of downtown washington. beyond his sports ownership and the fafkt he was the longest tenured own her the nba he was also a philanthropist who gave generously ranging from programs and scholarships from lower income d.c. kids to helping children in africa with his work through unicef. he was a washingtonian since age 7. he died after a battle with a rare neurological disease. i'm tracee wilkins in downtown washington. back to you in the studio. >> abe pollin was a graduate of roevelt high school and yorn
on- time traffic. >>> our big story this morning, the mastermind of the 2002 d.c. area sniper attacks has been put to death. he died of a lethal injection shortly after 9:00 last night. >> he terrorized the area in 2002 and he died last night and will joins us live from where the execution took place hours ago. >> reporter: it comes 7 years after he terrorized the washington region. 9/11 was still is fresh and it was at exactly 9:00 11:00 p.m. last night he was pronounced dead. what got them caught? wellthey demanded $10 million to stop the killing. federal agents used fingerprints from ransom notes to trace the pair. after a lookout was posted for their chevy caprice they were arrested at a maryland rest stop and it is over. malvo serving a life sentence and mohammed asked if he had any final words last night and he said nothing, sat there motionless. and he took 7 deep breaths and minutes later he was dead. it was witnessed by the brother of victim dean maiers. you remember he was just pumping gas at a manassas gas station. here is bob maiers. >> we don't see any winners in this sit
which helped to revitalize downtown d.c. we begin our reporting with dan hellie who is at the verizon center. dan? >> reporter: abe poland's body has been deteriorating for the last year or so. he had a rare illness. he was in a wheelchair, didn't make it to as many games as he would have liked, but he was sharp of the mind. when you talk with people here who worked with mr. poland for a long time, they say he was compassionate, caring, he was loyal, and boy, did he love the people who worked for him, especially the players. there are several guys who have been on this team for a number of years like gilbert arenas who were shocked and saddened to hear of abe poland's death. gilbert said he was like a second father and he will be missed. >> first person i called was my dad. he was the father away from california, so it hurts. we've just got to stick together. he wantedhe championship before he died. as long as i'm here, that's what i'm shooting for. >> reporter: you always felt like you had a lot of doubters. he's never been one of them. this guy always believed in you. >> no. through
committed suicide in the d.c. jail. jackie benson joins us live from southeast. >> reporter: this is certainly a shocking development in this case. paramedics were called here to the d.c. jail earlier this afternoon for a report a man had hanged himself at the facility. at this time, d.c. detectives and investigators from the mobile crime scene are here. news4 has learned that this is believed to be the man charged last week in the murder of 9-year-old oscar fuentes. the little boy was killed november 14th, shot through the door of his family's columbia road apartment. relatives have just come through the door to escape a robbery attempt. oscar was putting his eye through the peephole when the shot came through the door and killed him. there was a man arrested, 26-year-old josue pena has a criminal history that involves robbery. a man believed to be pena was found hanged at the d.c. jail earlier this afternoon. we had no report, no public statement from the department of corrections at this time. back to you. >> police in howard county, maryland, have released a sketch of a
, the supreme court refused to intervene in tonight's planned excuse of the so-called d.c. sniper, john allen muhammad, scheduled to die by lethal injection. muhammad, the master mind of the 2002 shooting spree that left at least ten dead. >>> in a study of women's health around the world, the world health organization said the leading cause of death in women 16 to 24 is the aids virus. the u.n. agency says 1 in 5 deaths among younger women is linked to unsafe sex. >>> and in berlin, thousands cheered on during the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. 1,000 decorated dominos on the path where that barrier once to do were knocked over all in a symbolic moment to the end of communism in europe. >>> now, here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day, jumping 223 points on monday. the s&p, that gained 23, the nasdaq, that climbed 41 points. taking a look at overseas trading. the niki leapt 61 points and the hang seng added 60 points. >>> a group of 20 of the world's leaders got together to discuss the global economy over the weekend and what th
. >>> vincent gray may be at the center of a d.c. ethics probe, but he says he does not belong there. sam ford spoke with the chairman today and is live in northwest with the details. >> chairman gray is seen by many as having the best chance of unseating the incumbent mayor adrian fenty in next year's mayoral race, but today to newspapers went after gray and the story is he has been soliciting favors from companies that do business with the city. council chairman vincent gray was on the hot seat today. >> i know there is no impropriety in this. >> the the washington post said he solicited a 20,000 other contribution from comcast to help d.c. democrats at the denver convict -- convention. comcast actually gave $10,000. and the washington times today said a d.c. contractor handle the repairs of his home in southeast. he admits that the smith company that does lots of business with d.c. did five dozen dollars of repairs -- did of $5,000 of repairs. gray said he is a personal friend of chris smith, who runs the company. >> the work wasommissioned appropriately and the work was paid for. >> the ti
. >>> the first family is celebrating halloween at the white house as 2,000 children from d.c., maryland and virginia. guests started arriving just after 5:00 this evening. the president and mrs. obama were there to greet the youngsters at the north port ko. there was a box of m&ms and butter cookies and dried fruit mix with an activity book. the evening was capped off with a reception of military families and the families of white house employees. >> reporter: tonight we are vigilant because of the h1n1 virus. people giving out goodies have been advised to keep their hands washed. and wait to have their goodies handed out. >> going to make them wash their hands and wash all the plastics that we can off. the ones that we cannot we will go through by hand. >> what about the h1n1? are you going to wash anything? >> that's -- definitely, yes. [ laughing ] >>> shortages of the vaccine delay service to at risk groups at this area and forcing the cancellation of clinics. we report from alexandria where 1500 shots were given out before they ran out of the vaccine. >> reporter: it took four ho
murder case in d.c. police say that residents fed up with crime helped crack this one. two weeks ago someone shot and killed ravina hernandez at her store during a robbery each after handing over the cash. detectives arrested andress lopez and expect a second arrest soon. >>> and an update over a child custody case. samuel chackon was found dead and now mario blanco has been taken into custody. they were involved in a custody dispute over their child and moises rodriguez was said to have stabbed him to death. >>> and a hearing will be held to examine hate crimes in d.c. and response from police when those crimes are reported. cathy lanier will attend the hearing. several apparent antigay attacks happened on the campus of georgetown this month and one student was so badly beaten he was hospitalized. >>> and now to a stolen urn. inside the ashes of a war hero. now the u.s. park police is working to return his ashes to his family. no questions asked. we first reported the theft last week. someone broke into the family's car hours before the cornerel was to be buried. the detectives admi
to be charged later tonight. >>> a story in northwest d.c. fire crews fighting a fire. fortunately, no one was in the house at the time of the fire. fire officials did have to call all the firefhters out of the house because it got too dangerous. we have not heard just what caused the blaze. >>> an early morning fire in gaithersberg destroy add house. tonight the red cross is helping the six people who lived there. a resident at the house awakened around three this morning. went downstairs and found the flames there. a firefighter was treated for serious burns to his face and hands. we're told an electrical source caused the fire. >> a man accused of killing 13 in ft. hood, texas. the hearing had to take place in major thnidal hasan's hospital room. a judge is expected to decide whether he should be placed in a jail cell. his attorney argues he should remain in intensive care. he's paralyze frd the waist down. two soldiers killed at ft. hood will be buried at arlington cemetery next week. eduardo will be buried wednesday. >>> a powerful mind blast in northern china this morning killed at l
will check out the ethics probe for the chairman of the d.c. council. >> it is a mild morning but there is plenty of >> hello. i am with food and friends. please by your thanksgiving pot by 5:00 p.m. today and hp your neighbors living with hiv aids and cancer. >> good morning, washington! >>> 6:11. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's check in and with adam caskey. he is live in white oak, maryland. it is a little bit warmer than a was yesterday. >> it is relatively mild. we should be in the upper 30's to start our mornings. we are 51 here in white oak. we have plenty of fog to start our day. you will encounter flock is you head out to work or school. i have been tracking this drop parts virginia and the shenandoah valley and the panhandle of west virginia. let's get a closer look. notice the area of yellow in the panhandle of west virginia. that is a moderate showers moving along i-81. we have a few sprinkles or drizzle. it will look like it is about to rain the entire day. you'll not see continuous rain. off and on showers. high temperatures near 60
the latest on the questionable contracts handed out to a friend of d.c. mayor adrian fenty. >> we are talk about tens of million of dollars and we'll show you where some of the money went. >>> also, the latest on today's weather forecast. dress warmly, folks. it is a cold one this morning. it will be a real cold one tonight. and julie wright will be along to update us on this morning's traffic. right now, it is 1 minutes after 5:00. fox 5 morning news will be right back. (vet) i love working with animals, but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin is the clear choice because it works great on all my allergies whether it's dust, mold, pollen, or pets and it won't make me drowsy, cause i want to be alert when i'm working with animals. for me claritin workso well sometimes i even forget i have allergies which helps me focus on what's important. is she going to be okay? yeah. she looks good. in my life, i only live claritin clear. indoors and out. >>> members and those in the gallery will please rise in memory of the victims of violence at fort hood. >> both house a
station during a shooting spree that left 10 people dead in maryland, virginia and washington, d.c. people were on edge for three weeks because the shootings were so random. people were gunned down while they were shopping, even pumping gas. police captured homed and his accomplice as they slept at a maryland rest stop on october 24, 2002. prosecutors who worked on the case talked about the details leading up to the trial. >> it is the strongest case i've ever tried. certainly, we had every kind of evidence. we had fingerprints, we had dna. we didn't have eyewitness whose had actually seep the shootings until we had malvo. >> reporter: and malvo is serving a life sentence here in virginia. the department of correctis, it has not released the name of the victim's families members attending the execution. we do know that several people will be attending tonight. back to you. >> thank you. >>> and the man who was the face of the hunt for the d.c. sniper is talking exclusive to fox 5. in his interview with our brian bolter, chief moose talks about his feelings hours before the execution. he al
, was to be burried with full military honors but somebody stole his ashes. the family was visiting a museum in d.c. yesterday when somebody broke into their rental van and took a bag containing the urn. the burial is scheduled for this afternoon. if you have any information please contact police. >> all right 6:70 on this friday. we've got 49 degrees right now. and just a reminder that st. mary's county schools are on a delay because of the bad weather. >> and big developments in the balloon boy hoax investigation. today we could hear a guilty plea. >> also coming up, how much is enough? 7 is on your side with how much you need to know about the swine flu vaccine. >> and the nor'easter still churns offshore causing minor flooding. we'll talk about that and let you know when the improvements >> hi, i'm major steve no, sir of the salvation army at wal-mart asking you to do the most good by volunteering to ring bells this season. go morning, washington! >> and welcome back, eb. 6:11 is your time on a friday morning. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes and if you're just joining us, st. mary
a suspect was firing at another car. they started firing at police. they were chased from virginia back to d.c. where they were arrested. we are told no one was hurt. >>> new safety questions surrounding metro. >> they have blocked independent safety audits along the track. that highlights their fundamental flaw. map rocky is live with more on this. good morning. >> -- matt brock is live with more. >> according to records in this report, they have been barring their oversight committee members from inspecting the tracks. a metro member was killed when working on the tracks. reaction was just as strong as you might suspect. >> it keeps happening. what is wrong? to me, it is like, ok, metro, what the are you doing? >> that was after a prior accident on the orange line in august. metro then promised a safety stand down where it took its workers off the tracks and promised to review all of the safety procedures. >> it was a series of events. it makes me uneasy. metro has barred independent monitors to observe safety procedures while trains are in service. the monitors have pressed to get access. m
has been carried out under the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. >> the master mind behind the d.c. area sniper spree is dead. john muhammad died by lethal injection at 9:11 tonight without saying a word. justice served for terrorizing the d.c. area. muhammad and his teenage accomplice, lee malvo killed these 10 people during the terrifies weeks in october, 2002. tonight's execution for the murder of dean myers at a manassas gas station. paul wagner is live in jarrett, virginia. >> reporter: brian, we're told there were as many as 27 witnesses in the death chamber. four of them were members of the media. one was the spokesperson for the department of corrections, and one was the prosecutor who put john muhammad here at the greensville correctional center on deah row. we're told that john muhammad staggered into the death chamber at 8:58. by 9:06 the ivs had been inserted. he had been strapped down onto the gurney and the drugs had begun to be administered into his body. he was dead five minutes later. about 20 minutes after that, we heard from paul ebert. now paul ebert is the comm
-old boy was found dead today in his cell phone at the d.c. jail. josue pena was arrested last week for the november 14th shooting that killed oscar fuentes. fuentes was killed by a bullet that was shot through the door of his apartment in columbia heights. jackie bensen is at theail now with more on this. jackie? >> reporter: jim, there are reports tonight that this suspect tried to kill himself last week, but was not placed on suicide watch at the jail. >> reporter: detectives and crime scene investigators were called to the d.c. jail where murder suspect 25-year-old josue pena was found hanging in his cell about 1:00 p.m. police called him an ms-13 gang associate was he was arrested last week for a shocking crime. the murder of 9-year-old oscar fuentes. it happened the night of november 14th at a columbia road northwest apartment building. some of the boy's relatives ran into the family feermt escape an armed roch. moments later while young oscar attempted to through the peephole the suspect fired a shot into the closed door kill the child. at a memorial of stuffed animals and fl
, d.c. where he had been stationed at walter reed for six years. he was only recently preparing for his trip to the middle easti publicly, armyÑi officials are t saying much about sergeant asking the same questions so many are right now. how and why did this happen? >> it's heartbreaking, i Ñigues. we are supposed to beÑi defendi the country, and it's just tragic. >>> a tragedy that even those that prepare for the horrors are war could have never imagined. >> now this morning, army investigators along with fbi agents are continuing their work here. a day of mourning hasÑi been declared here. the post is still open, but working under a much higher level of security today was might imagine. at ft. hood, i am jay gray. back to you. >> thank you, jay. >>> we continue the team coverage with more on the suspected shooter and his ties to our area.Ñi we are learning more each hour. nidal malik hasan lived and practiced his faith here, and he prey prayed in silveraospring, maryland. >> reporter: when you heard the news and you heard that it was him, what was your response? your fir
?" >> lehrer: and john merrow updates the challenges facing the washington, d.c., schools; and jeffrey brown looks at the rise of hunger in america. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what has made grant thornton a truly global accounting organization, with access to resources in more than 100 countries? is it their global capabilities, or is it their passion for how they serve their clients? grant thornton >> 150 years of financial strength and the experience of an established investment firm have come together. wachovia securities is now wells fargo advisors. the financial advisors nearby and nationwide. with the advice and planning expertise to help you address today's unique challenges, we're with you. wachovia securities is now wells fargo advisors. together, we'll go far. >> this is the engine that connects abundant grain from the american heartland to haran's best selling whole wheat, while keeping 60 billion pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere every year. bnsf, the engine that connects us. intel. supporting coverage of innovation and the economy. mon
a standoff in northeast washington. the child and the mother or save tonight thanks to the fast action of d.c. police. cynne simpson has more on the valiant efforts that are now getting accolades. >> it definitely was a daring rescue. we called this whole thing on camera. take a look at this video that you will only see on 7. our cameras were rolling as d.c. police and jump into action. their mission was to rescue in mother and baby being held against their will and northeast. the officer climbs up to the roof where the mother hands off her baby through a window. the baby is lowered to safety but the rescue effort is not over. the officers tried to get the mother to climb out of the window, but she is too scared. instead, the officer climbs into the house. neighbors watched on with concern. >> it israzy for her to have to go through it. >> police say thehave to do something. the mother's boyfriend, 28-year- old daniel spriggs, was downstairs with a gun and is wanted for assault on another case. his father says he wishes his son surrendered like a man. >> it makes him look bad. >> the swat tea
't break laws. >>> a d.c. couple caught in the middle of a spy scandal is expected to plead guilt net case. walter and gwendolyn meyers were arrested in june, accused of spying on cuba for 30 years. they're preparing to enter guilty pleas. they will -- commit espionage and wire fraud. the wife will plead guilty to conspiring to and gather and transmit national defense information. >>> the news edge on maryland where a manhunt is on at this hour in tacoma park. stepped-up patrols on the sligo creek trail. a woman was sexual assaulted there. >> hi, we're next to the sligo trail here. between maple avenue and the carol avenue bridge. the woman who was sexually is all-ed was walking along this trail back here, around 5:00 last night. the people who use the trail are shocked. police say they haven't had a crime like this on the trail and most of the trail users we spoke to, they said they generally feel safe out here. they say this is a communy trail. it's popular with bikers, walkers and joggers. families bring their dogs and their children here. but police say thursday evening, some time betw
reveals how deep the d.c. taxicab bribery scheme goes. police say it went back to 2005 with chairman causton toney. his successor became an informant. tony has not been charged but 39 others have been including the d.c. councilman jim graham's chief of staff. >>> metro is delaying changes to its smartbenefits program. they announced money for transit would be kept in separate accounts starting january 1. any unused benefits will be credited back to the employer at the end of the month. metro is now asking the irs for a one-year extension to implement the new rules so that employers are able to adjust. >>> things are looking up for the weekend, weather-wise. it starts today. we're warming up with sunshine. let's get the details with brian van de graaff. >> it is nice out there. we are seeing some nice, blue skies. there are a couple of puffy clouds out there. we're looking for temperatures to be near 60 degrees. through the afternoon, we will fall back into the 50's and it wil be 30's in the suburbs. >> you go get some water. >>> maryland's largest school district is laying out a new
>>> this morning on "early today," crime and punishment. the man responsible for terrorizing the d.c. area with a series of deadly sniper shootings is put to death. >>> tennessee tumble. cameras are rolling as an etire mountainside comes crashing down on a u.s. highway. >>> and alien ebb counter. the vatican begins searching for >>> and alien ebb counter. the vatican begins searching for signs of ailen life. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm christina brown. >>> today we begin with crime and punishment. seven years after orchestrating one of the most terrifying shoting sprees in u.s. history, the so-called d.c. sniper has been executed. exhausting his final legal appeals, the convicted killer knew the exact moment that he was going to die, unlike his many victims. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: on his final day, john muhammad ate a chicken dinner, saw his son, and insisted he was not a killer who a lawyer believes he was not guilty. >> i think what you see in the final moments is the death of a dig filed man who maintained his
driver is okay. live in northeast d.c., beth parker. back to you. >>> a change of heart for the family of john allen muhammad. they received a letter from the convicted d.c. sniper last night before his execution and said they would share it with the media today. that's the letter. but at a news conference in richmond, their attorney said they changed their mind and it would not be appropriate to release the letter. muhammad's body was taken to the medical examiner's office. it will be released to his family. they plan a private burial in baton rouge, louisiana. >>> a woman is dead after being hit bay school bus in bethesda. sheila humphreys was hit. the bus was pulling out of the parking lot at bethesda elementary school. there were five students on the bus. they are fine. gilbert fuentes is on routine leave. the investigation is backing up several roads including arlington and wood month avenue. >>> two secret service agents are part of an investigation on how a man died on suitland parkway this morning, struck by a limo assigned to vice president joe biden. >> reporter: conditions e
:00 is just getting started this afternoon. a news4 exclusive. >>> an inside look at the safety of d.c. fire hydrants and what's being done to better protect your home. >> at 4:30, the mother of a teenage boy burned by his class mates is speaking out about her son's road to recovery. >>> at 4:45, savings sense and how to do your thanksgiving dinner on a budget. >>> imagine a fire engine running on a call and not knowing whether the nearest hydrant worked? that was the reality in d.c. up until a short time ago. now the fire department has embarked on an aggressive new program using the first of its kind technology in the country. to make sure that never happens again. from low flow to flat-out broken. when the georgetown library and capert's manning burned down, they had to battle flames, frustration and an ancient infrastructure. hooking up to hydrants that didn't work or mains that didn't have enough volume. >> you are doubling the amount of time. >> reporter: now under a sweeping inspection program, six special units with 19 firefighters test 250 hydrants every day. >> some neighborhoods w
couldn't find it. the salahis, who are being considered for the whale housewives of d.c., live 90 minutes west of washington in fort royal. tariq is in a legal battle with his parents over a 108-acre virginia winery. the secret service says agents at one of the check points didn't follow proper procedure but couldn't clarify how the couple got in. an author of the book on the secret service says the whole situation is unthinkable and is part of a bigger institutional problem. >> it's not the agents fault. the agents are brave and dedicated and will take a bullet for the president but there is a management culture that thinks they are in vincible that says we make do with less and don't ask for more money which they need. >> reporter: the secret service has not ruled out the possibility of filing criminal charges against the couple. as forthe reality show series bravo tv tells fox that camera crews were following the couple that day but not on the white house grounds and the couple said they were invited to the dinner and producers have no reason to believe otherwise. in washington, molly
in gaithersburg. 35 in baltimore. 36 in manassas. here in d.c., it is currently 41 degrees. a look at the satellite-radar will show you where the live picture showed you we don't have that fog. we will see some clouds move in here later on today but this morning, there will be bright sunshines drive into work. sunshine this morning, clouds build in later becoming gradually most cloudy. highs today only in the mid- 50s. however, in fredericksburg, it will be 657 degrees. >> wow! >> obviously, a little mistake. >> a little hot down there. >> that will be our lead at the 5 p.m. show tonight. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with julie wright. >> we are talking about a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer which occurred before 3:00 this morning along northbound i-95. you will fine the hov lanes remain closed at this time traveling between dumfries and lorton. the remains of the accident activity pushed into the hov lanes according to authorities. can you see we have a lot of investigation that is ongoing at this point and there is also a fuel spill in the process of being cleaned
this morning the execution of john allen muhammad, the man known as a the d.c. sniper, is set for 9 p.m. tonight. that story is all over the web this morning and it's also the most popular story on our web site this morning. let's take a look at it. so what we actually have done is wusa9 is devoting an entire site on if you go there you'll find all the stories we've done in the past few weeks on the d.c. sniper and you'll also find tools that will help you dig deeper as we near the execution which again is set for tonight. now, one thing you might find interesting is right here you'll see we have a copy of mohammed's handwritten letter proclaiming his innocence. you can read it for yourself at also you'll find a page devoted entirely to the victims, who they were, how they died and you can listen to the truly heartbreaking stories from the family and friends that they left behind. finally, you'll also find an interactive timeline of the key events in both the shooting spree and the trial which really just walks you through the history as you can see here, of how t
to this city. >> oib poland has been a larger-than-life figure who represented the best of washington, d.c. our most troubled times, he refused other offers keep his team out of d.c. brought them to d.c., brought the stadium there. it has completely transformed downtown d.c. forever. he was the ultimate gentleman, ultimate father and husband, ultimate district businessman. beyond the world of sports, abe poland was active in dozens of charities including the salvation army. he said he loved the washington region and gave it his all. >> you were talking to us here as marion barry and doing were talking to derrick. mr. poland is a bit of a rain maker with construction. he just got in there and helped stir things up. >> there was a lot of development around the verizon center. when barry won the election in 199 then too office in 1995, the arena project was stalled. barry went down there. i happened to be standing on the ground. they said, we are going to build this thing here. city put in over $100 million. poland financed the arena itself. today you go down there it's almost like 14/7. >> like t
on camera. we will hear what the mayor is saying now about that. >>> at 8:00, it is d.c. photo week. that is the margest international photography festival in the world. we'll have details on that. >>> also, looking ahead to 9:00, we are chilling with robert wallay. he will join us in the studio. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. >>> the execution of john allen muhammad has been carried out under the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 9:11 p.m. >> he died very peacefully, much more than most of his victims. >> the man who terrorized the d.c. area for three weeks in october 2002 is dead this morning. sniper john muhammed t o death last night at 9:11 p.m. without complication and without saying a word. >>> good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. twenty-seven people witnessed the execution including some of the victims' relatives. first, let's get a quick check of weather with tony perkins. >> it's wet start to the day today and
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